The purpose of this website.

The purpose of this site is to share information that we find about Industrial Solar Power Plants that are out there publicly, and as you know there are two sides to every story. By putting articles in one place, you as a resident of Posey County, Indiana can make up your own mind. We do encourage you to research both sides.

While you may not own an actual home that would be surrounded on three sides of your dwelling by solar panels, 100′ away with a chain-link fence barrier that is 10-12′ high panels, we get that.

However, please consider this. What is the impact of losing all this prime agricultural land to solar panels? We aren’t against renewable solar panel energy. There are plenty of places, commercial land that is not occupied all over Evansville and local areas, near large electrical grids.

If this prime farmland is given up, then how much money are we losing in the long run? Think about it, please. And consider if you are living in Posey County, do you want to see this? Why is there a push to use prime farmland in the TriState area for solar panels? We don’t even get the same kind of sun that other areas do. What is the long term effect for our country?

If not, please sign our petition and we ask for you to RESPECTFULLY contact our City Council to let them know how we feel. The other side seems to understate that there are a “few people” that don’t want this. Oh, it’s more than that. Way more.

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