Next Meeting: Area Planning Commission

Monday, September 13th at 6pm
Posey County Fairgrounds
111 Harmony Township Rd, New Harmony, IN 47631


The Posey County APC board hired Tanner Engineering to study the preliminary application made by Posey Solar LLC. This study will only take a couple of weeks and should be completed by Aug.25th. Everyone agreed that the APC board members need ample time to review the findings, even Tenaska’s attorney. This will be made available to the public as well.

The attorney for the opposing solar group tried for a non-binding UDA agreement for Tenaska to sit down with our group members and work on agreements for non-participating landowners. President of the APC Mark Seib did make a comment on record that Tenaska does need to sit down and work things out with non-participating landowners. It remains to be seen if they actually reach out to non-participating landowners.



Solar, wind, and battery energy power plants are individual LLCs. Their only assets may be the aging infrastructure on leased land. If there is a catastrophic event, bankruptcy, abandonment, or insufficient funds to decommissioning the Project then the taxpayers pay!
These Solar Companies often will start the project and sell it off.
Who’s left holding the bag? The TAXPAYERS!

This short video shows TO SCALE what it could look if you lived right next to this solar power plant that literally surrounds and engulfs your home. Tenaska and (then purchased by CenterPoint Energy) in Posey County.

Who We Are

We are your good Posey County neighbors, homeowners, and non-participating landowners who together want to help save our community by preserving prime agricultural farmland and not building Industrial Solar Power Plants that will cover thousands of acres. We do not want them built near our homes, schools, and public gathering areas.

We absolutely support affordable, clean, smart renewable energy to benefit our county, state, and country. But it needs to be thoughtfully planned and responsibly built. There are many promises being made by solar developers in Posey County (there are at least THREE separate solar developers currently pursuing land leases in different areas of the county), so we have been gathering information to help educate our community. There are two sides to every story.


Solar Companies are coming into our local counties, and leasing PRIME FARMLAND that is currently being used to grow food. It is not, non-tillable ground. CenterPoint Energy will be purchasing it after they build it.

Renewable options such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric should be developed in areas that remove prime farmland from production negatively impact our ability to grow food for the world or would not impact non-participating homeowners. There are many open areas that receive more sun and wind, but billion-dollar companies are looking for the cheapest, quickest way to meet their renewable energy goals, which will in turn almost certainly raise electric rates for consumers.

Ask yourself, if a large percentage of the agricultural land is converted to industrial solar power plants, who will grow our food?

Sign our Petition

If you live in Posey County and want to preserve our agricultural farmland, please click to sign our petition. It takes less than one minute.

Contact our County Officials today!

Polite email stating you oppose large-scale industrial solar power plants and the setbacks need to be increased to a minimum of 1,000 feet and screening added back to the ordinance.

Would you like to Donate to our Fight?

Mail or deliver a check to: 

Physical Office Location
Kahn, Dees, Donovan, and Kahn
501 Main Street, Suite 305
Evansville, Indiana 47708

Mailing Address
Kahn, Dees, Donovan, and Kahn
P.O. Box 3646
Evansville, Indiana 47735-3646

And please write NO POSEY SOLAR on the memo line

Proposed Map for Posey Solar Project
in Marrs Township

This is a map that reflects parcels that are proposed for development in yellow from the solar power company. The RED DOTS represent non-participating homeowners’ properties.


A lawsuit from concerned citizens has been filed against Posey County Commissioners and Area Planning Commission.

We need more signatures on the petition to bring to our local government.
We have OVER 2,000 signatures!

Please sign if you agree that eradicating prime farmland that is producing food, next to residential homes, and a 4-Star Elementary School — is NOT the place for an Industrial Solar Power Plant. Go to the stripper pits or commercial property or land that is depleted and not being used, not solar power plants in Posey County.

PLEASE take a few minutes to call or write emails to members of the Area Plan Commission and the County Commissioners to express your concern regarding this development.  Just a quick, short, polite email stating you oppose large-scale industrial solar power plants and the setbacks need to be increased to a minimum of 1,000 feet and screening added back to the ordinance.

Posey County Residents, have you thought about

How much will home values decrease that are surrounded by solar panels and barbed wire fences? Solar Developers are looking ALL over Posey County.

Based on information released by the solar developer, 50% of the landowners who have leased for solar development DO NOT live in Posey County.

How much will your electric bill go up? Residents will have to absorb these costs, CenterPoint Energy will have to raise our bills when they purchase the project.
Solar Power Plants does not mean your electric bill will decrease.

Did you know that the average annual sunlight is 2400 hr./ year?
There are about Clear Days: 88 days per year
Summer Peak Sun Hours: 5.02 hours per day
Winter Peak Sun Hours: 2.55 hours per day
Average Peak Sun Hours  4.21 hours per day
Fossil fuel will still be needed to provide the majority of need. 

Posey County will lose over 200 MILLION DOLLARS in lost production from the agricultural industry.

Did you know that the town of Mt. Vernon covers about 2.5 miles? One of the proposed Industrial Solar projects is to cover nearly 4 square miles along SR 69?

Currently, the town of Mt. Vernon generates nearly; (source: City of Mt. Vernon Website)
$21 million dollars in water revenue
Over $7 million dollars in sewage revenue
$2.7 million in property taxes annually
How will the town grow if it is surrounded by solar panels for 35 years? What becomes of the residents of the town? What becomes of the town?

Did you know the average age of Posey Co. residents is about 42 years old? That is the young family age group that supports our schools. What will become of our schools, the lifeblood, the energy, the central unity of any communities if industrial solar farms surround our rural parks, schools, and other community gathering places? 

Did you know there are no less than 8 industrial solar projects proposed to be underway in the Tri-State area this summer if they are all approved?
Posey Co. has a 3.2% unemployment rate.
The southwestern Indiana region has the lowest unemployment rate in Indiana.
Where are the laborers coming from to construct this project? 

Tenaska: Revenue: Revenue $9.9 billion (2019)
CenterPoint Energy: Revenue $9.614 billion (2017)
Capital Dynamics backing Tenaska assets: $17 BILLION
None of these billion-dollar companies will offer a property value guarantee to
non-participating homeowners with 15′ solar panels surrounding their home.

Way to go Kentucky!!!!
Ban LARGE Solar Projects on Farmland!

Shame on you Indiana for not recognizing prime agricultural land is important now and in the future for food production and consumption. Click to read the article.

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Informational Videos

Why would you take this beautiful, prime farmland and turn it
into an industrial solar power plant for 35 YEARS?

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