Let your government know how you feel about House Bill 1381 and what it means for wind and commercial solar fields

Sign this petition, ANYONE in the state of Indiana can do so:

Oppose Indiana House Bill 1381 – Keep Local Control for Wind and Solar

Target: Indiana House of Representatives, Indiana State Senators, Governor Eric Holcomb
Region: United States of America

Indiana House Bill 1381, if passed, will take away ALL local control for siting industrial wind turbines and commercial solar fields. It also establishes statewide “default standards”.

Counties that have already crafted their own ordinances will NOT be grandfathered in. Nor will any county be allowed to impose standards that are more restrictive than the “default standards”.

We must retain “HOME RULE”.

Most people don’t follow the day-to-day actions of the legislature. Why should you? You have more important things to do. That is exactly what the wind and solar companies are counting on. There are a few simple things you can do, though, to keep this bill from becoming law:

1. Let both your state representative and state senator know you are opposed to HB 1381

To see who represents you in the general assembly, visit this site.
Call the numbers provided and ask for the legislator’s office. The House Republican switchboard is (800) 382-9841, the House Democrat switchboard is (800) 382-9842, and the switchboard for all senators is (800)-382-9467.
Be polite and simply ask that the legislator vote against HB 1381.
If you would rather send an e-mail, find their contact info here.
If you would rather send a letter, the Statehouse address is 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis IN 46204.
If you have extra time, you can also reach out to other legislators, most notably members of the Utilities committees, listed in yellow here.
2. Let the governor know you are opposed to HB 1381

In the event the bill passes both the House and the Senate, Gov. Holcomb could prevent it from becoming law by vetoing it.
Visit this page to send him an e-mail message.
Under “E-mail Topic,” scroll down and select House of Representatives (or Other, it doesn’t matter).
Enter your contact information and explain in your own words why you think HB 1381 is a bad idea. Ask him to please veto the bill if it passes both the House and Senate.
3. Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about this bill. Encourage them to visit this blog and contact their legislators as well.
Post this blog on social media and express why you believe HB 1381 is a bad idea.

source: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/oppose-indiana-house-bill-1381-keep-local-control-for-wind-and-solar.html?fbclid=IwAR15c1HLHkNEvZqBY_2actHQLptGrkiLT0BR_XRaIFM0FBBt4QlEyCDL2oY

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