Make your voice heard and submit an email that you oppose this solar power project. You MUST SUBMIT TO THIS PERSON for it to be recorded and ONLY this person. So if you have sent a county council member or area planning board an email, copy and paste and resend to:

March 11th at 5pm -Area Planning Commission for Setbacks
Posey County Fairgrounds, 111 New Harmony Township, New Harmony, IN

Each person will have 2min to speak.

If you cannot attend the meeting you can register here in advance and listen:

We would love to have a good attendance from the community, so please plan on attending.

The Area Planning Commission noted we need to file “official complaints” with the Area Plan Commission office. It will then be filed and go on record. Area Plan’s job is to review and research then make recommendations to the County Council and/or Commissioners.

If everyone could please take the time to RESPECTFULLY call, email, or write a letter addressing complaints/concerns about current setbacks, landscape buffers, and safety. Then no one can come back saying there were no “official complaints” filed. We need as many as possible! Thank you! Send to: ONLY.

If you cannot attend, please take a moment and sign our petition if you live inside Posey County.

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