From Heather Allyn, Posey County Council, At-Large

Below is copied from the post on Heather Allyn’s open Facebook page (for her duties as Posey County Council, At-Large). Since many people are not on Facebook, here it is copied and pasted in its entirety. It is merely meant to inform and update the public as to why the Tax Abatement meeting has been moved to March.

While I am aware there are many concerns surrounding the proposed solar farm, I have been hesitant to discuss it via social media due to the name-calling & plain hatefulness I have been reading. I am happy to speak with anyone regarding their concerns and questions. My goal is to share factual information while gathering input from the community & county as a whole. I have been doing a great deal of research on my own since December and will be traveling soon to visit a comparable site where I can see the impact, as well as have conversations with people in that community. The public hearing has been postponed until March 9 to allow time for more information gathering. As I see information being shared that is incorrect, I will do my best to address it with facts. Again, I welcome comments but will delete ALL comments that are disrespectful or hateful. As adults, let’s have mature conversations to address a project that will have lasting impact on our county for many years to come.UPDATE: I’m looking into a site in Minnesota. I will report back once I make plans & share what I learn.

5 thoughts on “From Heather Allyn, Posey County Council, At-Large”

  1. And yet, none of you are asking where this website came from, who owns it, and what business interests they’re representing. I see the owner bought the privacy filter from GoDaddy to hide their name. I guess transparency only goes one way.

    1. This website is a collaborative effort by homeowners and citizens of Posey County. The REAL good neighbors in our community. We didn’t ask for an INDUSTRIAL solar power plant to come in right next to our homes. We didn’t ask for a private city meeting changing setbacks from 1,000 feet to 100 feet. We didn’t ask for this, it came to us. And there is little transparency with the billion-dollar business that is going to build it, sell it, and leave.

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