We do not OPPOSE renewable solar energy.

The community that oppose Industrial Solar Panel Plants, and who have created information such as this website and other social media platforms are not opposed to renewable solar energy.

What we are opposed to is industrial solar power plants consuming thousands of acres of prime farmland – which could cause some of those in the local agricultural industry to lose their jobs, potentially reduce property values, reduce future development in both the residential and commercial/industrial sectors, negatively impact wildlife, create a mess for our children or grandchildren to clean up in 30-50 years.

Surrounding homes with families with acres of solar panel grids is not in the best interest of our entire community. There are better and other areas to develop. Once these plants are developed and then removed after 35 years, the ground may not be suitable for agriculture ever again! And certainly, there won’t be any farmers around to cultivate it.

Here’s an example of how to do it right. In Muncie, Indiana they are looking to purchase a 53-acre former Chevrolet plant site to build a solar farm. Makes sense! Why not put solar panels in some of the empty commercial acreages in the area? They are near the power grids!


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