Farmersville, IN … you’re next for solar power plants!

Posey County residents are in favor of SMART solar development. NOT using prime agricultural land currently being farmed and surrounding resident’s homes.

Sonder Energy is sending out letters to landowners in Farmersville, IN to request to purchase or lease land for more solar projects. (see letter below)

Makes you wonder WHY POSEY COUNTY? Why this sudden influx of solar energy companies coming in to take up agricultural land? This didn’t happen overnight … it’s been the process for quite awhile.

Now more than ever, ALL POSEY COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY, please sign our petition and contact your local government.

There is a tab at the top where we are updating with contacts. We’ll also update statewide connections, here is a link for your convenience.

Copy of the letter (notice the date on the letter and it’s a 2nd notice):

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